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Targeting liver cancer: first steps toward a miRacle?
Schwabe, Robert F; Wang, Timothy C Cancer Cell 2011 PubMed Link
Promotion of hepatocellular carcinoma by the intestinal microbiota and TLR4. Dapito, Dianne H; Mencin, Ali; Gwak, Geum-Youn; Pradere, Jean-Philippe; Jang, Myoung-Kuk; Mederacke, Ingmar; Caviglia, Jorge M; Khiabanian, Hossein; Adeyemi, Adebowale; Bataller, Ramon; Lefkowitch, Jay H; Bower, Maureen; Friedman, Richard; Sartor, R Balfour; Rabadan, Raul; Schwabe, Robert F Cancer Cell 2012 PubMed Link