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TMEN Junior Investigators Meetings and Information


As a part of joint Network activities, TMEN enhances the training of junior investigators who are entering the field of tumor microenvironment by holding an annual meeting for selected junior investigators who are associated with the TMEN program. 


The meeting provides cross-fertilization of ideas about the multi and diverse disciplines which are embedded in the field of tumor microenvironment (e.g., mechanisms of tumor-stroma interactions, composition of the stroma in normal tissues, role in tumor initiation, progression, and metastasis, and in therapeutic resistance) among the participants who are the rising investigators in this field.


The TMEN Junior Investigator  meeting benefits the entire cancer biology research community by helping to generate a nucleus of junior investigators who will seed the field of tumor micro-environment, a process which will benefit cancer research throughout the United States by preparing these investigators to obtain positions as independent investigators. 

Three meetings have been held so far.  Meeting agendas and information are listed below.


June 4-6,2012

May 11-13, 2011


May 17-19, 2010