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Tumor initiating but differentiated luminal-like breast cancer cells are highly invasive in the absence of basal-like activity. Kim, Jiyoung; Villadsen, Rene; Sorlie, Therese; Fogh, Louise; Gronlund, Signe Z; Fridriksdottir, Agla J; Kuhn, Irene; Rank, Fritz; Wielenga, Vera Timmermans; Solvang, Hiroko; Edwards, Paul A W; Borresen-Dale, Anne-Lise; Ronnov-Jessen, Lone; Bissell, Mina J; Petersen, Ole William Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2012 PubMed Link
Coherent angular motion in the establishment of multicellular architecture of glandular tissues. Tanner, Kandice; Mori, Hidetoshi; Mroue, Rana; Bruni-Cardoso, Alexandre; Bissell, Mina J Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2012 PubMed Link
Laser scanning-based tissue autofluorescence/fluorescence imaging (LS-TAFI), a new technique for analysis of microanatomy in whole-mount tissues. Mori, Hidetoshi; Borowsky, Alexander D; Bhat, Ramray; Ghajar, Cyrus M; Seiki, Motoharu; Bissell, Mina J Am J Pathol 2012 PubMed Link
MYC suppresses cancer metastasis by direct transcriptional silencing of αv and β3 integrin subunits.
Liu, Hong; Radisky, Derek C; Yang, Dun; Xu, Ren; Radisky, Evette S; Bissell, Mina J; Bishop, J Michael Nat Cell Biol 2012 PubMed Link
The tumor microenvironment is a dominant force in multidrug resistance. Correia, Ana Luisa; Bissell, Mina J Drug Resist Updat 2012 PubMed Link
Interconnected contribution of tissue morphogenesis and the nuclear protein NuMA to the DNA damage response. Vidi, Pierre-Alexandre; Chandramouly, Gurushankar; Gray, Matthew; Wang, Lei; Liu, Er; Kim, Joseph J; Roukos, Vassilis; Bissell, Mina J; Moghe, Prabhas V; Lelievre, Sophie A J Cell Sci 2012 PubMed Link
Imaging of homeostatic, neoplastic, and injured tissues by HA-based probes. Veiseh, Mandana; Breadner, Daniel; Ma, Jenny; Akentieva, Natalia; Savani, Rashmin C; Harrison, Rene; Mikilus, David; Collis, Lisa; Gustafson, Stefan; Lee, Ting-Yim; Koropatnick, James; Luyt, Leonard G; Bissell, Mina J; Turley, Eva A Biomacromolecules 2012 PubMed Link
The metastasis-promoting protein S100A4 regulates mammary branching morphogenesis.
Andersen, Kristin; Mori, Hidetoshi; Fata, Jimmie; Bascom, Jamie; Oyjord, Tove; Maelandsmo, Gunhild M; Bissell, Mina Dev Biol 2011 PubMed Link
Depletion of nuclear actin is a key mediator of quiescence in epithelial cells. Spencer, Virginia A; Costes, Sylvain; Inman, Jamie L; Xu, Ren; Chen, James; Hendzel, Michael J; Bissell, Mina J J Cell Sci 2011 PubMed Link
Why don't we get more cancer? A proposed role of the microenvironment in restraining cancer progression. Bissell, Mina J; Hines, William C Nat Med 2011 PubMed Link
IL-25 causes apoptosis of IL-25R-expressing breast cancer cells without toxicity to nonmalignant cells.
Furuta, Saori; Jeng, Yung-Ming; Zhou, Longen; Huang, Lan; Kuhn, Irene; Bissell, Mina J; Lee, Wen-Hwa Sci Transl Med 2011 PubMed Link
Self-organization is a dynamic and lineage-intrinsic property of mammary epithelial cells. Chanson, Lea; Brownfield, Douglas; Garbe, James C; Kuhn, Irene; Stampfer, Martha R; Bissell, Mina J; LaBarge, Mark A Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2011 PubMed Link
Collective epithelial cell invasion overcomes mechanical barriers of collagenous extracellular matrix by a narrow tube-like geometry and MMP14-dependent local softening. Alcaraz, Jordi; Mori, Hidetoshi; Ghajar, Cyrus M; Brownfield, Doug; Galgoczy, Roland; Bissell, Mina J Integr Biol (Camb) 2011 PubMed Link
The role of the microenvironment in mammary gland development and cancer. Polyak, Kornelia; Kalluri, Raghu Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol 2010 PubMed Link
Raf-induced MMP9 disrupts tissue architecture of human breast cells in three-dimensional culture and is necessary for tumor growth in vivo. Beliveau, Alain; Mott, Joni D; Lo, Alvin; Chen, Emily I; Koller, Antonius A; Yaswen, Paul; Muschler, John; Bissell, Mina J Genes Dev 2010 PubMed Link
Dissecting regional variations in stress fiber mechanics in living cells with laser nanosurgery. Tanner, Kandice; Boudreau, Aaron; Bissell, Mina J; Kumar, Sanjay Biophys J 2010 PubMed Link
Macrophage diversity enhances tumor progression and metastasis. Qian, Bin-Zhi; Pollard, Jeffrey W Cell 2010 PubMed Link
Breast cancer cells in three-dimensional culture display an enhanced radioresponse after coordinate targeting of integrin alpha5beta1 and fibronectin. Nam, Jin-Min; Onodera, Yasuhito; Bissell, Mina J; Park, Catherine C Cancer Res 2010 PubMed Link
Molecular markers for the diagnosis and management of ductal carcinoma in situ. Polyak, Kornelia J Natl Cancer Inst Monogr 2010 PubMed Link
Stem cells in the human breast. Petersen, Ole William; Polyak, Kornelia Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol 2010 PubMed Link
Extracellular matrix control of mammary gland morphogenesis and tumorigenesis: insights from imaging. Ghajar, Cyrus M; Bissell, Mina J Histochem Cell Biol 2008 PubMed Link