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Identification of stromally expressed molecules in the prostate by tag-profiling of cancer-associated fibroblasts, normal fibroblasts and fetal prostate. Orr, B; Riddick, A C P; Stewart, G D; Anderson, R A; Franco, O E; Hayward, S W; Thomson, A A Oncogene 2012 PubMed Link
An osteoblast-derived proteinase controls tumor cell survival via TGF-beta activation in the bone microenvironment. Thiolloy, Sophie; Edwards, James R; Fingleton, Barbara; Rifkin, Daniel B; Matrisian, Lynn M; Lynch, Conor C PLoS One 2012 PubMed Link
Nkx3.1 and Myc crossregulate shared target genes in mouse and human prostate tumorigenesis. Anderson, Philip D; McKissic, Sydika A; Logan, Monica; Roh, Meejeon; Franco, Omar E; Wang, Jie; Doubinskaia, Irina; van der Meer, Riet; Hayward, Simon W; Eischen, Christine M; Eltoum, Isam-Eldin; Abdulkadir, Sarki A J Clin Invest 2012 PubMed Link
Investigating prostate cancer tumour-stroma interactions: clinical and biological insights from an evolutionary game. Basanta, D; Scott, J G; Fishman, M N; Ayala, G; Hayward, S W; Anderson, A R A Br J Cancer 2012 PubMed Link
Exploiting evolution to treat drug resistance: combination therapy and the double bind. Basanta, David; Gatenby, Robert A; Anderson, Alexander R A Mol Pharm 2012 PubMed Link
Loss of TGF-β responsiveness in prostate stromal cells alters chemokine levels and facilitates the development of mixed osteoblastic/osteolytic bone lesions. Li, Xiaohong; Sterling, Julie A; Fan, Kang-Hsien; Vessella, Robert L; Shyr, Yu; Hayward, Simon W; Matrisian, Lynn M; Bhowmick, Neil A Mol Cancer Res 2012 PubMed Link
E2f binding-deficient Rb1 protein suppresses prostate tumor progression in vivo. Sun, Huifang; Wang, Yanqing; Chinnam, Meenalakshmi; Zhang, Xiaojing; Hayward, Simon W; Foster, Barbara A; Nikitin, Alexander Y; Wills, Marcia; Goodrich, David W Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2011 PubMed Link
Longitudinal live animal micro-CT allows for quantitative analysis of tumor-induced bone destruction. Johnson, Lindsay C; Johnson, Rachelle W; Munoz, Steve A; Mundy, Gregory R; Peterson, Todd E; Sterling, Julie A Bone 2011 PubMed Link
Role for stromal heterogeneity in prostate tumorigenesis. Kiskowski, Maria A; Jackson 2nd, Roger S; Banerjee, Jheelam; Li, Xiaohong; Kang, Minchul; Iturregui, Juan M; Franco, Omar E; Hayward, Simon W; Bhowmick, Neil A Cancer Res 2011 PubMed Link
Bone structural components regulating sites of tumor metastasis. Sterling, Julie A; Guelcher, Scott A Curr Osteoporos Rep 2011 PubMed Link
Epithelial Hic-5/ARA55 expression contributes to prostate tumorigenesis and castrate responsiveness. Li, X; Martinez-Ferrer, M; Botta, V; Uwamariya, C; Banerjee, J; Bhowmick, N A Oncogene 2011 PubMed Link
Anti-transforming growth factor ýý antibody treatment rescues bone loss and prevents breast cancer metastasis to bone. Biswas, Swati; Nyman, Jeffry S; Alvarez, JoAnn; Chakrabarti, Anwesa; Ayres, Austin; Sterling, Julie; Edwards, James; Rana, Tapasi; Johnson, Rachelle; Perrien, Daniel S; Lonning, Scott; Shyr, Yu; Matrisian, Lynn M; Mundy, Gregory R PLoS One 2011 PubMed Link
Measuring differences in compositional properties of bone tissue by confocal Raman spectroscopy. Nyman, Jeffry S; Makowski, Alexander J; Patil, Chetan A; Masui, T Philip; O'Quinn, Elizabeth C; Bi, Xiaohong; Guelcher, Scott A; Nicollela, Daniel P; Mahadevan-Jansen, Anita Calcif Tissue Int 2011 PubMed Link
Differential effects between the loss of MMP-2 and MMP-9 on structural and tissue-level properties of bone. Nyman, Jeffry S; Lynch, Conor C; Perrien, Daniel S; Thiolloy, Sophie; O'Quinn, Elizabeth C; Patil, Chetan A; Bi, Xiaohong; Pharr, George M; Mahadevan-Jansen, Anita; Mundy, Gregory R J Bone Miner Res 2011 PubMed Link
Raman and mechanical properties correlate at whole bone- and tissue-levels in a genetic mouse model. Bi, Xiaohong; Patil, Chetan A; Lynch, Conor C; Pharr, George M; Mahadevan-Jansen, Anita; Nyman, Jeffry S J Biomech 2011 PubMed Link
Expression of pleiotrophin in the prostate is androgen regulated and it functions as an autocrine regulator of mesenchyme and cancer associated fibroblasts and as a paracrine regulator of epithelia. Orr, Brigid; Vanpoucke, Griet; Grace, O Cathal; Smith, Lee; Anderson, Richard A; Riddick, Antony C P; Franco, Omar E; Hayward, Simon W; Thomson, Axel A Prostate 2011 PubMed Link
Altered TGF-β signaling in a subpopulation of human stromal cells promotes prostatic carcinogenesis. Franco, Omar E; Jiang, Ming; Strand, Douglas W; Peacock, James; Fernandez, Suzanne; Jackson 2nd, Roger S; Revelo, Monica P; Bhowmick, Neil A; Hayward, Simon W Cancer Res 2011 PubMed Link
TGF-beta promotion of Gli2-induced expression of parathyroid hormone-related protein, an important osteolytic factor in bone metastasis, is independent of canonical Hedgehog signaling. Johnson, Rachelle W; Nguyen, Mai P; Padalecki, Susan S; Grubbs, Barry G; Merkel, Alyssa R; Oyajobi, Babatunde O; Matrisian, Lynn M; Mundy, Gregory R; Sterling, Julie A Cancer Res 2011 PubMed Link
6-Thioguanine inhibition of parathyroid hormone-related protein expression is mediated by GLI2. Johnson, Rachelle W; Merkel, Alyssa R; Danilin, Sabrina; Nguyen, Mai P; Mundy, Gregory R; Sterling, Julie A Anticancer Res 2011 PubMed Link
TGF-ýý receptor II loss promotes mammary carcinoma progression by Th17 dependent mechanisms. Novitskiy, Sergey V; Pickup, Michael W; Gorska, Agnieszka E; Owens, Philip; Chytil, Anna; Aakre, Mary; Wu, Huiyun; Shyr, Yu; Moses, Harold L Cancer Discov 2011 PubMed Link
Bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells incorporate into the prostate during regrowth. Placencio, Veronica R; Li, Xiaohong; Sherrill, Taylor P; Fritz, Gloria; Bhowmick, Neil A PLoS One 2010 PubMed Link
Quantitative analysis of the secretome of TGF-beta signaling-deficient mammary fibroblasts. Xu, Baogang J; Yan, Wenwei; Jovanovic, Bojana; An, Angel Q; Cheng, Nikki; Aakre, Mary E; Yi, Yajun; Eng, Jimmy; Link, Andrew J; Moses, Harold L Proteomics 2010 PubMed Link
The integration of quantitative multi-modality imaging data into mathematical models of tumors. Atuegwu, Nkiruka C; Gore, John C; Yankeelov, Thomas E Phys Med Biol 2010 PubMed Link
Gr-1+CD11b+ myeloid cells tip the balance of immune protection to tumor promotion in the premetastatic lung. Yan, Hannah H; Pickup, Michael; Pang, Yanli; Gorska, Agnieszka E; Li, Zhaoyang; Chytil, Anna; Geng, Yipeng; Gray, Jerome W; Moses, Harold L; Yang, Li Cancer Res 2010 PubMed Link
Perspectives on tissue interactions in development and disease. Strand, D W; Franco, O E; Basanta, D; Anderson, A R A; Hayward, S W Curr Mol Med 2010 PubMed Link

Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) and inflammation in cancer.

Bierie, Brian; Moses, Harold L Cytokine Growth Factor Rev 2010 PubMed Link
Modeling stromal-epithelial interactions in disease progression. Strand, Douglas W; Hayward, Simon W Discov Med 2010 PubMed Link
Functional remodeling of benign human prostatic tissues in vivo by spontaneously immortalized progenitor and intermediate cells. Jiang, Ming; Strand, Douglas W; Fernandez, Suzanne; He, Yue; Yi, Yajun; Birbach, Andreas; Qiu, Qingchao; Schmid, Johannes; Tang, Dean G; Hayward, Simon W Stem Cells 2010 PubMed Link
Matrix rigidity induces osteolytic gene expression of metastatic breast cancer cells. Ruppender, Nazanin S; Merkel, Alyssa R; Martin, T John; Mundy, Gregory R; Sterling, Julie A; Guelcher, Scott A PLoS One 2010 PubMed Link

Cancer associated fibroblasts in cancer pathogenesis.

Franco, Omar E; Shaw, Aubie K; Strand, Douglas W; Hayward, Simon W Semin Cell Dev Biol 2010 PubMed Link
TGF-beta promotes cell death and suppresses lactation during the second stage of mammary involution. Bierie, Brian; Gorska, Agnieszka E; Stover, Daniel G; Moses, Harold L J Cell Physiol 2009 PubMed Link
Abrogation of TGF-beta signaling enhances chemokine production and correlates with prognosis in human breast cancer. Bierie, Brian; Chung, Christine H; Parker, Joel S; Stover, Daniel G; Cheng, Nikki; Chytil, Anna; Aakre, Mary; Shyr, Yu; Moses, Harold L J Clin Invest 2009 PubMed Link

The role of transforming growth factor-beta-mediated tumor-stroma interactions in prostate cancer progression: an integrative approach.

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Integrating spatially resolved three-dimensional MALDI IMS with in vivo magnetic resonance imaging. Sinha, Tuhin K; Khatib-Shahidi, Sheerin; Yankeelov, Thomas E; Mapara, Khubaib; Ehtesham, Moneeb; Cornett, D Shannon; Dawant, Benoit M; Caprioli, Richard M; Gore, John C Nat Methods 2008 PubMed Link
Prostate tumor progression is mediated by a paracrine TGF-beta/Wnt3a signaling axis. Li, X; Placencio, V; Iturregui, J M; Uwamariya, C; Sharif-Afshar, A-R; Koyama, T; Hayward, S W; Bhowmick, N A Oncogene 2008 PubMed Link
Abrogation of TGF beta signaling in mammary carcinomas recruits Gr-1+CD11b+ myeloid cells that promote metastasis. Yang, Li; Huang, Jianhua; Ren, Xiubao; Gorska, Agnieszka E; Chytil, Anna; Aakre, Mary; Carbone, David P; Matrisian, Lynn M; Richmond, Ann; Lin, P Charles; Moses, Harold L Cancer Cell 2008 PubMed Link
Transforming growth factor beta: tumor suppressor or promoter? Are host immune cells the answer? Yang, Li; Moses, Harold L Cancer Res 2008 PubMed Link
Transforming growth factor-beta regulates mammary carcinoma cell survival and interaction with the adjacent microenvironment. Bierie, Brian; Stover, Daniel G; Abel, Ty W; Chytil, Anna; Gorska, Agnieszka E; Aakre, Mary; Forrester, Elizabeth; Yang, Li; Wagner, Kay-Uwe; Moses, Harold L Cancer Res 2008 PubMed Link
Gene targeting to the stroma of the prostate and bone. Jackson 2nd, Roger S; Franco, Omar E; Bhowmick, Neil A Differentiation 2008 PubMed Link
Stromal transforming growth factor-beta signaling mediates prostatic response to androgen ablation by paracrine Wnt activity. Placencio, Veronica R; Sharif-Afshar, Ali-Reza; Li, Xiaohong; Huang, Hongxia; Uwamariya, Consolate; Neilson, Eric G; Shen, Michael M; Matusik, Robert J; Hayward, Simon W; Bhowmick, Neil A Cancer Res 2008 PubMed Link
Tissue-specific consequences of cyclin D1 overexpression in prostate cancer progression. He, Yue; Franco, Omar E; Jiang, Ming; Williams, Karin; Love, Harold D; Coleman, Ilsa M; Nelson, Peter S; Hayward, Simon W Cancer Res 2007 PubMed Link
Cross-talk between paracrine-acting cytokine and chemokine pathways promotes malignancy in benign human prostatic epithelium. Ao, Mingfang; Franco, Omar E; Park, Dean; Raman, Dayanidhi; Williams, Karin; Hayward, Simon W Cancer Res 2007 PubMed Link