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Deficiency of the macrophage growth factor CSF-1 disrupts pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor development. Pyonteck, S M; Gadea, B B; Wang, H-W; Gocheva, V; Hunter, K E; Tang, L H; Joyce, J A Oncogene 2012 PubMed Link
Standard of care therapy for malignant glioma and its effect on tumor and stromal cells. Jones, T S; Holland, E C Oncogene 2012 PubMed Link
The brain tumor microenvironment. Charles, Nikki A; Holland, Eric C; Gilbertson, Richard; Glass, Rainer; Kettenmann, Helmut Glia 2012 PubMed Link
Perifosine and CCI 779 co-operate to induce cell death and decrease proliferation in PTEN-intact and PTEN-deficient PDGF-driven murine glioblastoma. Pitter, Kenneth L; Galban, Craig J; Galban, Stefanie; Tehrani, Omid Saeed; Saeed-Tehrani, Omid; Li, Fei; Charles, Nikki; Bradbury, Michelle S; Becher, Oren J; Chenevert, Thomas L; Rehemtulla, Alnawaz; Ross, Brian D; Holland, Eric C; Hambardzumyan, Dolores PLoS One 2011 PubMed Link
Macrophage binding to receptor VCAM-1 transmits survival signals in breast cancer cells that invade the lungs. Chen, Qing; Zhang, Xiang H-F; Massague, Joan Cancer Cell 2011 PubMed Link
Recruited cells can become transformed and overtake PDGF-induced murine gliomas in vivo during tumor progression. Fomchenko, Elena I; Dougherty, Joseph D; Helmy, Karim Y; Katz, Amanda M; Pietras, Alexander; Brennan, Cameron; Huse, Jason T; Milosevic, Ana; Holland, Eric C PLoS One 2011 PubMed Link
Preclinical evaluation of radiation and perifosine in a genetically and histologically accurate model of brainstem glioma. Becher, Oren J; Hambardzumyan, Dolores; Walker, Talia R; Helmy, Karim; Nazarian, Javad; Albrecht, Steffen; Hiner, Rebecca L; Gall, Sarah; Huse, Jason T; Jabado, Nada; MacDonald, Tobey J; Holland, Eric C Cancer Res 2010 PubMed Link
Perivascular nitric oxide activates notch signaling and promotes stem-like character in PDGF-induced glioma cells. Charles, Nikki; Ozawa, Tatsuya; Squatrito, Massimo; Bleau, Anne-Marie; Brennan, Cameron W; Hambardzumyan, Dolores; Holland, Eric C Cell Stem Cell 2010 PubMed Link
Diverted total synthesis leads to the generation of promising cell-migration inhibitors for treatment of tumor metastasis: in vivo and mechanistic studies on the migrastatin core ether analog. Oskarsson, Thordur; Nagorny, Pavel; Krauss, Isaac J; Perez, Lucy; Mandal, Mihirbaran; Yang, Guangli; Ouerfelli, Ouathek; Xiao, Danhua; Moore, Malcolm A S; Massague, Joan; Danishefsky, Samuel J J Am Chem Soc 2010 PubMed Link
Modeling metastasis in the mouse. Bos, Paula D; Nguyen, Don X; Massague, Joan Curr Opin Pharmacol 2010 PubMed Link
The perivascular niche microenvironment in brain tumor progression. Charles, Nikki; Holland, Eric C Cell Cycle 2010 PubMed Link
PTEN/PI3K/Akt pathway regulates the side population phenotype and ABCG2 activity in glioma tumor stem-like cells. Bleau, Anne-Marie; Hambardzumyan, Dolores; Ozawa, Tatsuya; Fomchenko, Elena I; Huse, Jason T; Brennan, Cameron W; Holland, Eric C Cell Stem Cell 2009 PubMed Link
Sonic hedgehog pathway activation is induced by acute brain injury and regulated by injury-related inflammation. Amankulor, Nduka M; Hambardzumyan, Dolores; Pyonteck, Stephanie M; Becher, Oren J; Joyce, Johanna A; Holland, Eric C J Neurosci 2009 PubMed Link
Glioblastoma subclasses can be defined by activity among signal transduction pathways and associated genomic alterations. Brennan, Cameron; Momota, Hiroyuki; Hambardzumyan, Dolores; Ozawa, Tatsuya; Tandon, Adesh; Pedraza, Alicia; Holland, Eric PLoS One 2009 PubMed Link
Brain tumor treatment increases the number of cancer stem-like cells. Charles, Nikki; Holland, Eric C Expert Rev Neurother 2009 PubMed Link
Latent bone metastasis in breast cancer tied to Src-dependent survival signals. Zhang, Xiang H-F; Wang, Qiongqing; Gerald, William; Hudis, Clifford A; Norton, Larry; Smid, Marcel; Foekens, John A; Massague, Joan Cancer Cell 2009 PubMed Link
VEGF-A induces angiogenesis by perturbing the cathepsin-cysteine protease inhibitor balance in venules, causing basement membrane degradation and mother vessel formation. Chang, Sung-Hee; Kanasaki, Keizo; Gocheva, Vasilena; Blum, Galia; Harper, Jay; Moses, Marsha A; Shih, Shou-Ching; Nagy, Janice A; Joyce, Johanna; Bogyo, Matthew; Kalluri, Raghu; Dvorak, Harold F Cancer Res 2009 PubMed Link
The ABCG2 resistance network of glioblastoma. Bleau, Anne-Marie; Huse, Jason T; Holland, Eric C Cell Cycle 2009 PubMed Link
Genes that mediate breast cancer metastasis to the brain. Bos, Paula D; Zhang, Xiang H-F; Nadal, Cristina; Shu, Weiping; Gomis, Roger R; Nguyen, Don X; Minn, Andy J; van de Vijver, Marc J; Gerald, William L; Foekens, John A; Massague, Joan Nature 2009 PubMed Link